Bringing AI to the Frontlines.

for Intrusion Detection, Interception & ISR.

Our Mission

Bringing Collaborative Autonomy.

Battlefield is dynamic, evolving space.

Security threats are evolving at machine speed. Our methods of deterring and defending have to evolve too.

Ardhan: helps Homeland Security and Enterprises stay ahead of the curve with R&D centric, and technology-driven products.

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Autonomous, Persistent, All Domain Awareness & Security.

Autonomous Air and Precision Strike Systems, powered by RudraOS, for effective force protection, ISR, and BLOS target acquisition and liquidation.


Autonomous Force Protection.

Multi-purpose Autonomous Modular UAS with Detection, Tracking, Drone Interception. It doubles up as an advanced patrolling scout with short-range ISR and intrusion detection.


Miniature ISR & Targeting

MEMS Stabilized ISR Camera for day/night surveillance, target acquisition, tracking and designation. Ideal for ISR drones, Tactical UAVs and Loitering Munitions.


Modular Tactical Munition

Modular munition designed to turn Vajra into a powerful loitering munition with anti-armor and anti-personnel payloads to support perimeter protection, conventional and special operations forces making it an ideal for precision strikes against BLOS targets.


Modular Penetrative Head

Modular Penetrative Warhead for precision anti-personnel strikes against BLOS targets and reduce collateral damage.


OS for Mission Autonomy

Parse data from a range of sensors and data sources into a common operating picture for a single point of truth using AI on Edge, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Sensor Fusion.